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Construtora Camargo Corrêa innovates with digital signature

Hi-tech routine of executives is reinforced with technology for digital certification of documents, contracts and powers-of-attorney. Measure helps reduce red tape of processes.


The popularized use of smartphones as work tools ever increasing participation of videoconferences to substitute business trips and biometry to access buildings and rooms. The routine of executives is increasingly being taken up by new technologies that help reduce the red tape of processes. In the headquarters of Construtora Camargo Corrêa, one of the biggest companies in the heavy construction sector in complex and large-scale works, a new resource has been facilitating the lives of directors and vice-presidents. The use of digital signature in electronic documents was the way out identified to speed up the management of documents and adopt a sustainable and innovative solution.

Through the system, the distance of over 3 thousand kilometers that separates the headquarters of Construtora Camargo Corrêa, in São Paulo, from the works of the Jirau Hydropower Plant, in Porto Velho (RO), is already overcome in a few minutes. If the complexity to guarantee the arrival of supplies to the worksite also requires a logistics exercise because the works are often located in remote places or even in other countries, Construtora’s Legal Department was able to bypass the release of documents and contracts by developing a pioneer project in the heavy construction sector.

The company concluded last year the installation of digital signature for issuance of powers-of-attorney. Now, a document that lasted about 15 business days to be created and delivered to the bearer now takes up to two days. “The time is takes to write and structure the text is still the same. However, as soon as the power-of-attorney receives the digital signature of the one responsible from the area, the document is released electronically for use by the bearer, explains Marcelo Vicentini Marchetti, manager responsible for the contractual area of Camargo Corrêa’s Legal Department.

The second stage of the digital certification of Constructor Camargo Corrêa has already started: it will take the benefit to the 5,000 suppliers of the company. In December 2012, the first contract with supplier for equipment purchase was signed. The product was destined to the works of the Jirau Hydropower Plant and the entire process was conducted electronically, without need for any type of physical displacement of hardcopies. The next step is to enable, by the end of this year, managers of the works to use the system. In the first phase of the project, only directors and vice-presidents are authorized in the digital environment.

“We chose to start the process through the Board of Directors to break any type of resistance that could arise in the worksites. Besides serving as an example and encouraging the managers to use digital certification, the directors are already able to view online all new contracts generated”, says Marchetti. Contracts, powers-of-attorney, agreements, addendums and an infinity of documents are now monitored remotely by the managers in real time.

The great benefit of using the technology is the reduction of red tape. The one responsible for signing the contract is notified by email and uses a token to validate the document. The system itself notifies the next person who must sign it by email. And so on. The contract manager follows up all the steps in real time. Once the process has been concluded, the document remains available online for viewing by authorized personnel.

An average of 200 powers-of-attorneys and contracts with suppliers circulate through the headquarters of Construtora Camargo Corrêa monthly. The estimate is a savings of 24 thousand pages with adoption of the new system. Once the process has been implemented in all the works, it is estimated that more than a thousand contracts per month should transit in the virtual environment alone.

“We have always sought to seek innovation with sustainability and get our suppliers and customers involved in this process. This is the spirit and one of the differentials of Camargo Corrêa”, states Marchetti. In 2012, the company won the Época Verde [Época Magazine Green] Award for the work conducted in the reduction of greenhouse gases. The Carbon Management Plan of Constructor Camargo Corrêa has the aim of eliminating up to 37% of emissions by 2020.

Another performance gain has been in the storage of documents. The company has for some years rented space to keep contracts and other documents. With the digital certification, the document is stored in the server for a period and a digital backup is also made. The process also involves savings in expenses with notarization of signatures, remittance, authenticated copies and time spent by the attorney in managing the documents.

According to Waldemar Felippe, director of QualiSoft, the adoption of digital certification by a company the size of Construtora Camargo Corrêa is always a turning point in popularization of the system. The option adopted by Construtora was that of the National Electronic Document Portal (‘PNDE’), which had the area for exclusive use by the company’s employees personalized for easy browsing and to maintain the visual identity of Camargo Corrêa.

About PNDE

The National Electronic Document Portal (documentoeletronico.com.br) PNDE is the biggest portal for digitally signing electronic documents of the Brazilian Internet. Maintained and operated by QualiSoft, PNDE is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) for Digital Signature and Electronic Document Management & Identity. It allows within a single integrated environment: digital signature, storing, sharing, managing, and querying of electronic documents, including power control and workflow for obtaining signatures and sending notifications with legal validity. The services provided by PNDE are reliable and guaranteed by AR-QualiSoft, Registration Authority linked to ICP-Brazil.

About QualiSoft

Company specializied in the development of products and systems for the secure processing of electronic transactions, QualiSoft has a complete and modern family of products for Digital Signature Electronic Documents. Founded in 1994, the company is a pioneer in digital signature of exchange contracts, under the rules of the Central Bank of Brazil, solution launched in 2004 and today stands out in the financial market. QualiSoft keeps customers in all segments of the economy, in Brazil and abroad.

About Construtora Camargo Corrêa

Construtora Camargo Corrêa operates in several countries in South America and Africa with more than 23,000 professionals, and is one of the largest construction companies in Brazil. The company operates in a number of segments - Infrastructure, Energy, Oil & Gas and Industrial Construction - and has built projects which have become icons of Brazilian engineering and represent the country's boldness and development, such as the Tucuruí and Itaipu hydroelectric plants, the Ayrton Senna and Bandeirantes highways, the São Paulo Ring Road and the Guarulhos and Manaus airports. Construtora Camargo Corrêa is the country's leader in hydroelectric plant construction.

Has built projects that have become icons of Brazilian engineering and represent the boldness and the development of the country, such as the Itaipu hydroelectric, and Jirau Single Island, Ayrton Senna highways and Bandeirantes, the Ring Road Sao Paulo Guarulhos International airport and Manaus. Is the leader in hydroelectric projects, and participated in the construction of more than 55,000 MW of installed capacity, representing approximately 55% capacity of power generation in the country.